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From David Rees <>
Subject optional task dependencies doc
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2001 01:23:12 GMT
I am currently making some minor changes to the updated docs (as
described in my patch in the old docs). One thing that I have noticed
is that the README that is in lib/optional of the source tree is not
copied to the binary distribution. This means that this dependency
information is not available to the binary user.

(Note, to avoid everyone having to look it up, I have appended the
README at the end of this email).

A quick fix is that the README could be copied (and perhaps renamed)
to the binary distribution. Or a dependencies section could be added
to the main install section. However, this would undo the great work
that Conor has done in separating out the manual so a task's doc can
be edited in sync. with its tasks.

So I am thinking the correct fix is for this information to be in the
optional task description. Perhaps a "Requirements" section at the end
of each optional task doc? If there is agreement I can go ahead and do
the cut and pasting.

I am also not sure where to put the jakarta-regexp-1.2.jar and
jakarta-oro-2.0.1.jar dependencies.


--- README ---
The required libraries should be placed here.

The dependencies are:

junit.jar      - required for junit tasks, available at
stylebook.jar  - required by stylebook task, available in CVS
repository of
testlet.jar    - required for test task, available with Avalon via
jakarta-regexp-1.2.jar - required by some mappers, available at
jakarta-oro-2.0.1.jar  - required for some mappers and the perforce
tasks, available at
???antlr.jar???- required for antlr task, available at
bsf.jar        - required for script task, available at
netrexx.jar    - required for netrexx task, available at
rhino.jar      - required for script task if you want to use
javascript, available at
jpython.jar    - required for script task if you want to use python,
available at
netcomponents.jar - required by ftp and telnet tasks, available at

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