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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Quick question about creating nested elements
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2001 21:20:40 GMT
> It is a nice feature in a small proportion of tasks. (ie control structures
> - if/then/else/while/parralel) The concept of container tasks has come up a
> number of times (A few days ago was latest). In Ant2.0 it will be quite
> possible but at the moment it is not possible in Ant1.x. There was patches
> to enable it. The main problem with supporting it in Ant1.x is that the
> mechanism will change in Ant2.0 in a non-backward compatable manner.

This is actually what I have been working on.  This sort of relates to my
second question.  I basically wanted to integrate scripting to allow
conditional execution of targets.  I was using the 'if' and 'unless'
attributes of target, but they will only evaluate to 'true' if the property
is set, where I wanted them to evaluate to a boolean expression.

I ended up creating a new CallTarget task, which worked off of the current
project rather than construct a new one, then modify the Property task to
allow forced overrides, then created an ExpressionTask, which was a
container for CallTargets and Scripts.

Any ways, I am looking forward to ant2.  Are there any plans to integrate
scripting into the core architecture?


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