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From "John Lockwood" <>
Subject Some tasks I may be working on, are they of general interest?
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2001 20:19:15 GMT

I've been working with Ant and really like it.  I have a few ideas that I
might like to work on.  Actually I need to work on them to use Ant for a
project I'm working on, and I'd be happy to contribute them back.

One of them seems terribly obvious so I may just be missing how to do it
using the existing binary build (I haven't downloaded the nightly build yet
either).  It's a task definition like AntCall, but taking a list of items
and parsing it, then passing each parsed value to an AntCall, e.g.:

<target name="showDwarves">
    <antcalllist target="showOneDwarf">
      <param name="dwarfname" value="Sneezy,Grumpy,Dopey,etc." delim="," />

  <target name="showOneDwarf">
    <echo message="Showing a dwarf named:  ${dwarfname}"/>

Admittedly the semantics might be tricky for multiple parameters with
different list lengths, but other than that it seems straightforward.  The
reason I was wanting it is for 1) Lists of version labels to build in PVCS
and 2) Lists of servers to deploy to in a single run.  Of course, one might
use it for other things like listing dwarves as well. :-)  Again, this one
seems obvious, so perhaps I'm missing something.  Is this "as designed --
use foopdewop -- how'd you miss reading that" or something like that?

The other two pieces I need, and again I'm willing to contribute them back,
are 1) support for PVCS (actually all I need is "get" but I could perhaps
work on a more full blown task definition if there's interest and 2) a
version of the FTP task that can be parameterized to use PASSIVE mode.
(I've researched that one; should be easy).  Also a documentation note for
the FTP task -- it should tell people about the "NetComponents" dependency.
I was able to figure it out easily, but others might miss it.  I can go
after that one too if you guys want the FTP change.

Give me a sense of whether you think this stuff is useful and if so, I'll
plan on making it clean and fitting it into the existing packages, otherwise
I'll just build it off in it's own little private world and call it a day.


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