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From "Chris Todd" <>
Subject Ant docs and deprecated tasks
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 18:28:00 GMT
I am currently working on XML-izing the Ant manual, and I was wondering
about whether or not I could skip the deprecated tasks (e.g. copyfile,
copydir, etc.)?  Given that these XML-ized docs aren't going to be in the
Ant 1.3 release, but should be ready for the 1.4 release, I am essentially
asking whether the deprecated tasks will be removed completely from 1.4.
I'm also asking because I'm lazy, and there are *a lot* of documents to
convert!  :-)

BTW, I am using Anakia and the jakarta-site2 module, so the Ant manual will
have the same L&F as the jakarta website.  I am also going to set things up
to make a copy of the Ant manual in JavaHelp format, thus allowing it to be
easily accessed from within Antidote.  I've already spoken with Simeon about
this, and he indicated it the integration shouldn't be difficult.  I think
generating PDF copies of the manual, as well as a copy that can be
downloaded as a single large HTML file (some folks like that) should also be
fairly easy.

Chris Todd

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