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From (Christoph Wilhelms)
Subject [SUBMISSION] Antidote: DependTargetPropertyEditor
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2001 06:55:39 GMT
Hi Simeon (and everyone else interested in Antidote)!

Phew! Finally I did it - or even hope to ;-).

Attending to your last mail, I - in fact - just had to
update ACSTargetElement and it's BeanInfo. I think
I understand your "Generic" architecture now (BTW:
undocumented it's not REALLY userfriendly ;-).
Probably we should write a "HOW TO" building 
custom-editors) - this will help me developing 
future property-editor. At the time I have a 
task-chooser in mind!

I hope I did everthing right, please tell me if you
find something to make more Simeon-style ;-). Tried
to use the same codingstyle you did, well really
"tried to"!

I attached to .diff files for and If the diff did not
work they are (as comlete files) included in the .ZIP

The .ZIP includes 3 new classes for the module.edit
packsge and 3 new icons in .ressources

It was a lot of work, so *please* take a look at it 
quickly ;-).

1. Make dialog more "keyboard-friendly". 
2. externalize strings to resource-file
3. check referenzing of the images

I'll deal with 1. after "ommit" ;-). For 2. and 3.
it would be nice if you (Sim) can take a look at it - 
shouldn't take long *g*!

Ok, enough for now!

Good Night!
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