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From (Christoph Wilhelms)
Subject [SUBMIT/PATCH] Antidote: Alternativ to DependentTargetChooser
Date Sat, 24 Feb 2001 23:30:49 GMT
Hi Simeon and everybody who is interested in Antidote!

I have implemented (about 2 weeks ago) a chooser for dependent
targets. When I did it, I thought the order of the targets
in depends ALLWAYS will be used by Ant for the order of
the target execution - and so It was a chooser, where you
are able to modify the order visually (you are able to
choose one target multiple times (depends="a,b,a") :-( )...
In our discussion regarding:

Order of Depends

a few days ago - it's result was, that the specification says,
thats it not mandatory for ant to use that order - I thought 
about it a while and it came clear to me that using "depends"
for somekind of batch-processing is ABUSE of depends, for Ant
has various options for that!

This new version I have just submitted is a more simple one
with just a table where you just can select single targets - 
no order. That means: really no order: the editor discares
for the "old" order of the depends! (I've attached a 

Simeon: You can commit this version, or the patches I've 
submitted on Wednesday... Take the one you like - or the
comunity wants! I think both are usable now, but for
further versions of ant THIS chooser would make more sense ;-).

BTW: I've attached DependentTargetChooser as a complete .java,
for a diff had nearly the same size ;-) - MANY changes. Oh, and
of course: all Strings went to antidote.propertes :-)

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