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Subject RE: Logging to a file
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2001 17:12:03 GMT
OK, so this is probably more of an ant-dev question, but wouldn't it be
better if:

1. An abstract BuildLoggerImpl (implements BuildLogger) stores the reference
to 'out' and 'err' (isn't it poor encapsulation for Main to hold these
2. Main passes in the name of the log file (if specified at the command
line) to the logger in Main.createLogger() and it is BuildLoggerImpl that
creates and sets the output stream from it.

This still wouldn't let you specify the log name in the build file but it
would allow a subclass of BuildLoggerImpl to override the normal creation
process and instantiate an output stream in any way it wanted, which would
be just as useful. The code is currently confusing because DefaultLogger and
Main both store references to output streams, yet overriding the references
in DefaultLogger (e.g. by overriding buildStarted()) is not sufficient to
redirect all output elsewhere (why?).

I'm sure someone who knows the source better than me can think of a way of
further improving this to let the filename be specified in the buildfile.


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From: Glenn McAllister []
Sent: 19 February 2001 15:57
Subject: Re: Logging to a file wrote:

> In a nutshell: I want to be able to specify a file to log to in the
> buildfile and have System.out and System.err automatically redirected

In UN*X land, you can do the following:

ant -logfile `date +%b_%d_%Y_%k%m%S`.log

which on my box gives me an output file named Feb_19_2001_100235.log.

I don't know if there is an equivalent command in Windows, as I can't reboot
box right now.  I'm doing a 600+M download that I *really* don't want to
interupt. :-)

Glenn McAllister

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