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From "Liu, Kenneth Albert (Kenneth)** CTR **" <>
Subject RE: New manual organization - printing is sometimes useful
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 19:35:26 GMT

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> From: Christoph Wilhelms []
> Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 12:46 PM
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> Subject: AW: New manual organization - printing is sometimes useful
> Hi Ken
> >I would agree with this.  I really don't like reading long documents
> >on a computer screen.  Electronic versions are pretty useful for
> >searching.
> I do not agree! In Conors version it is no "large document" 
> anymore, but
> many small-ones and thats the point: Why do I want to have 
> everything in one
> pice, just for printing? When you read a book, you can only 
> read ONE page at
> a time ;-)!

Just to clarify my earlier statements -- I think it's definitely nice to
have smaller files (I think I suggested it earlier in the week),
especially with frames navigation.  Makes it easier to navigate
the documentation when using a browser.

However, when I have a long document or large documentation set to
read it's nice to be able to print it out to read offline.  Nothing
like curling up under a blanket and reading a programmer's manual :)
(Plus, I like to highlight stuff).  Some of us have fast, 
high-capacity printers at work and don't mind printing out 100 page manuals.

When I was an Ant newbie I printed out the whole manual and
read it straight through, to get a feel for what all the tasks
were and what they did.  I feel like others might want to
do the same, and that there should be some easy way to print
the entire documentation set.  That doesn't necessarily mean
that there should be one large index.html.

> printable version would be nice - but just nice and an addition.

Agreed.  Given a choice I would prefer the documentation be complete 
and understandable rather than printable.

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