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From "Simeon H.K. Fitch" <>
Subject RE: Reserved XML tags?
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2001 13:23:14 GMT

> before we release a final it would be good if we decided whether to allow
> tasks/subelements with the name project and target. There is two issues
> that I see
> 1. disallow such arrangements in the ant-dev maintained tasks
> 2. disallow any-one implementing tasks this way (via magic element names
> and/or exception throwing)

Good summary on the issues, and I would agree that adding #2 to the code
would be a little bit much. However, (being biased as I am) I would enjoy
seeing at least a written convention spelled out in the manual that highly
recommends task implementers to stay away from previously declared element
names. (How could namespaces help us here?)

One thing I'm not clear about (due to my weak XML knowledge). If, for sake
of argument, the build file was parsed *with* a DTD. Is it actually possible
to define a DTD, without namespaces, that allows the same element name to
have two different contexts? If the answer is no, then I would recommend
that we at least keep the door open to DTD use in Ant, even though it is not
a requrement. Perhaps some day DTD use will be included by having DTD
snippets included at parse time based on the loaded tasks...

> Personally I am +1 on first and -1 on second. The reason I am -1 on second
> is because it is a trait that will have to be followed in Ant2.x and I
> don't see any significant advantage (I know it is easier for DTD users).
> However I do see significant disadvantage if ant2.x is used/embedded into
> other projects and also because it introduces more magic variables.

Dumb question. Although I agree with your -1, how are the implications
different in the proposed 2.x versus 1.x?


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