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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re:
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 22:51:33 GMT
on 2/5/01 2:22 PM, "Nico Seessle" <> wrote:

> Yes, you are right - that was just a quick hack to get it working at all.

It works fine, however, Ant has a limitation in that you can't have a
<fileset> point to a non-existent directory. Here is some documentation that
I just added to the jakarta-site2 page...

"You will need to make sure that the jar files in the jakarta-site2/lib
directory are also added into your classpath in your script. The
reason is that Ant does not have a way (that I know of) to add files to the
classpath based on a conditional set of requirements. In other words, you
want to allow people to build the rest of your project, but you do not want
to require your users to have the jakarta-site2 module checked out in order
to do so. You only want them to have to check out the jakarta-site2 module
if they are going to build their documentation. Unfortunately, this isn't
currently possible with Ant, therefore you need to specify the jakarta-site2
.jar files in the classpath using the examples below..."

Maybe someone would like to fix this in Ant or suggest an alternative way to
solve this problem? In sort, Ant needs to have the ability to have
conditional classpaths with wildcard matching or someone needs to explain to
me how to achieve this goal.

> OK, now I understand this.
> You should maybe clarify this in the example located in
> "jakarta-site2/examples/jakarta-myproject/xdocs/stylesheets". Ant just uses
> a plain copy of this and I would have done so also if I had followed the
> documentation: "Copy the project.xml file from the
> jakarta-site2/xdocs/stylesheets/ directory into your
> jakarta-myproject/xdocs/stylesheets/ directory" :-)

I just updated the documentation on the page. Please make sure it is clear

Let me also repeat that I *really need feedback* on that documentation page.
If things are confusing to you, then you need to tell me what is confusing
so that I can update the page.


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