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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject RE: CVS Freeze and 1.3 Beta1
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 09:52:00 GMT
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> From: Conor MacNeill []



First, thanks for taking the time to reply. I understand the release issue
and the fact that we need to make decisions about what should be included
and what should not in a release. I have no problem on this.
Consider, that I just wanted to make sure that my posts were visible to
other people than I :)

> A line has to be drawn sometime or we would never get a 
> release at all. It
> should be possible for your patches to be committed on the 
> MAIN CVS trunk as
> I have created a branch for the remaining 1.3 work. This would make it
> available in the Ant 1.4alpha nightly builds.


> Personally, I will focus on testing, big fixing and 
> documentation on the 1.3
> branch for the next couple of weeks.

I'd be glad to help on this. I still have to send the update for the junit
doc and to fix the dependency on jaxp11 even though this would mean right
now a dependency on another xsl processor. As of now it means that only
xalan2 or the latest saxon can be used (didn't try the latest though)

> BTW, please send plain text, if possible.

I'm very sorry for this. This is a registered bug of Microsoft
Exchange.( It
drove me crazy for several weeks until I managed to find what was the reason
for all my mail sent as multipart. I have sent this over to the tech guys
responsible of the mail server here a few weeks ago and waiting for their

 St├ęphane Bailliez 
 Software Engineer, Paris - France 
 iMediation - 
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