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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: Quick question about creating nested elements
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2001 04:31:07 GMT
> This is actually what I have been working on.  This sort of 
> relates to my
> second question.  I basically wanted to integrate scripting to allow
> conditional execution of targets.  I was using the 'if' and 'unless'
> attributes of target, but they will only evaluate to 'true' 
> if the property
> is set, where I wanted them to evaluate to a boolean expression.

In light of the above and similar comments, I went and hacked together a "equal" task which
compares two strings, and sets a property if they're equal.
Not exactly full boolean support, but a start.
An Expression task would be interesting, but more work than I have to put in right now.

The attached file is a proto-type on a "equal" task, and a sample build file.
It's not read to be commited or anything, but I thought I'd see if anyone thought it was useful
before I put any more work into it.

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