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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: Overriding default Target conditionals
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2001 03:23:50 GMT
> >I guess along those lines would it be possible to modify the 
> field/method
> >modifiers for the current tasks to protected from private.  
> I have run into
> >a few situations where I needed to add a small change to one 
> of the tasks,
> >but they had private fields which I needed to modify, or 
> private methods
> >which I needed to call, so I had to duplicate the entire task.
> Send patches and they would gladly be accepted (at least by me ;])

Is this a good idea?
Do you want custom tasks to be relying on the implementations of core tasks?
Isn't that why we have multiple "jikes" objects, because custom tasks use the existing task,
and rely on an implementation?

I'm not against reuse of tasks, but wildly changing things from private to protected just
because someone finds the functionality useful, is a recipe for "can't change it, might break
someone's build". 

-1 from me (as if my vote even counted)

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