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From Gautam Guliani <>
Subject RE: Get with Basic Auth
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 18:24:47 GMT
ok. I'll test against the latest version, integrate with GET task
  and generate a patch and post it here.
Will take me  a couple of days since this is my "after dark" activity :-)

At 01:08 PM 2/6/2001, you wrote:
>I would be interested in it. I also did some enhancements to GET, and the
>basic authentication was one of the things I wanted to add but didn't get
>around to. Although I created a separate task like you, I was planning on
>getting the latest version of ant, integrating my stuff with the existing
>get task, and generating a patch file. If you will post your changes I will
>add them in as well.
>-----Original Message-----
>Behalf Of Gautam Guliani
>Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 11:52 AM
>Subject: Get with Basic Auth
>          I needed to access a URL protected by basic auth so I extended the
>GET task
>to do so. It does Java2 style HTTP basic authentication.
>Would people on this list be interested in this extension?
>Here's the relevant portion of a typical build file
><target name="protectedTask" >
>      <taskdef name="getBA"
>        classname="com.grassroots_tech.util.ant.HttpGetBasicAuth"/>
>      <getBA src="http://some/protected/url/"
>        username="seeker" password="supersecret" dest="log.out" />
>Gautam Guliani                          Email:
>Partner                                 Cell:   917.945.5353
>Grassroots Technology, Inc.             Office: 646.375.2036
>116 W. 23rd St, Suite 500     
>NY, NY  10011-9998
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Gautam Guliani                          Email:
Partner                                 Cell:   917.945.5353
Grassroots Technology, Inc.             Office: 646.375.2036
116 W. 23rd St, Suite 500     
NY, NY  10011-9998

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