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From "Chris Greenlee" <>
Subject RE: public vs. private targets
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2001 15:09:50 GMT

Personally, I would find the public vs. private target distinction
useful.  I'm trying to integrate Ant into the various IDE's we use in my
company so that we can have a somewhat unified build/test process.
Right now there's no easy way to offer a list of all and only tasks that
our developers should run -- they also see the tasks that are in there
for under-the-hood stuff.  My current options are (1) give them a list
and say "Don't use anything else", or (2) mess with the GUI integration
so that it only displays the task names I want them to be able to run.
Neither of those is as clean as adding the public / private attribute.

Chris Greenlee

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