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From "Bill Burton" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] fix for process spawning
Date Sat, 17 Feb 2001 00:58:29 GMT
Hello Glenn,

"Twiggs, Glenn" wrote:
> Bill,
> I just submitted a proposal for adding the same "detached" processing to the
> Java task. I'll rework my patch to use your naming convention, i.e.
> "detach=true|false". Java already has an "output" attribute, so I don't need
> to fuss with that; is the "inwindow" attribute appropriate for the Java
> task?

Actually, there's a significant difference between your functionality and
mine.  Yours enables multi-threading in the <java> task.  Mine is
processed based and lets you run something with <exec> and have Ant
continue without waiting for the process to complete.  This allows you to
use Ant as a process launcher which can be handy for long running servers
or even demos where you want to start up several Java clients each in
their own console window all connected to a server.  Although I haven't
looked into it, the detached functionality would also be appropriate (at
some level) for the <java> task as well.

As a result, please don't use the same attributes.  For multi-threading,
parallel seems like a more appropriate attribute or name to describe the
underlying functionality.

There has been discussion off and on about implementing multi-threading
functionality so that within a target, you could run various tasks that
are thread safe in their own threads and then do a <join/> explicitly or
it would be done implicily at the end of the target.  Once 1.3 is out the
door, I'm sure this topic will come up again.

> One final question ... when do you plan on getting this committed? I'll try
> and have my changes done about the same time.

None of the committers have said yea or nay to the functionality I'm
proposing so I don't know if the patch I plan to submit would be
accepted.  I'll just have to submit the patch and find out :)


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