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From Glenn McAllister <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Rename <project> to <vajproject> in <vajload> task! WAS: RE: Reserved XML tags?
Date Sat, 10 Feb 2001 14:50:22 GMT
Hi Christoph,

Christoph Wilhelms wrote:

> Hi!
> Regarding to Conors mail I'd like to start a concrete vote for the special
> case, for the decision is important for Ant 1.3 release.
> Should Wolf/Glenn rename <project> to <vajproject> in the <vajload>-Task?

Yes, and I can do it, Wolf doesn't need to send a patch.

> I think this is a simple question, wich simply can be voted ;-)!


> I am NO comitter, but my 0.02$ after the discussion this week: +0 (even I
> have much work with it changing 10+ buildfiles ;-)).

While I *was* an ardent VAJ fan (my current place of work doesn't use it, so I
don't get at it very often anymore except at home), I have to say that VAJ
users form a realtively small part of the Ant community.  So, the impact of
this change to the community as a whole will be relatively small.  Also, the
VAJ tasks weren't part of the 1.2 release; since they haven't been made
public, its fair game to change them before a release.

I don't remember the exact release schedule (sorry Conor) but unless I hear
otherwise from the other committers, I'm going to make the change Monday.
Hopefully that's enough time for anyone to get in their two cents.  Especially
since Conor, Stephan, et. al. are up before I am on Monday. :-)

Glenn McAllister

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