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From Josh Lucas <>
Subject Re: Checkout using CVS tag.
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 19:49:46 GMT
well, you could do <cvs command="login"> which will 'prompt' you for a
password during the process or you could just login into cvs under that
username on the box so that a ~/.cvspass file will be created and then
you'll be able to update,checkout, etc without worry.


Gautam Guliani wrote:
> cvs login is a "feature" of the :pserver protocol
> if you're using :local or :ext you don't need to login
> If you must use :pserver you'll have to create the cvs user with no password
> (typically anoncvs)
> At 09:33 AM 2/7/2001, J Kary wrote:
> >Is there any possible way to use the <CVS> tag to checkout password
> >protected code?
> >
> >I can get <cvs command="update"...> to work, but checkouts require a
> >login first.
> >
> >Jason Kary
> >

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