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From Glenn McAllister <>
Subject Re: New manual organization
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 14:39:12 GMT
Conor MacNeill wrote:

> As Jesse Glick has pointed out, the index.html file is too large and also
> difficult to maintain. I think our long term direction is to have some form
> of structured documentation system, perhaps based on stylebook or Anakia. I
> don't know enough about those yet to know what is reasonable or applicable.

I think we all agreed last release that we needed something better, like
Anakia or stylebook or whatever.  The stopper was we wanted to have pluggable,
per task docs that came from their pluggin jars (a la Ant 2).

> At this time, the major change you will notice is on the "built-in tasks"
> link. A similar approach for optional tasks is of course possible.
> I am looking for feedback on this approach and whether we should adopt this
> for the 1.3 release.

Seeing as something like this was I wanted for the 1.2 release, I'm certainly
not going to object. :-)  My only comment is that you probably do want to
break out the optional task docs as well.  With them still living in the main
index.html, its a little confusing as to why you don't get bumped out the same
way you do with the core tasks.  Also, you need a link back from the index of
tasks to the main page (or one on each content page, but thats harder to

Glenn McAllister

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