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From "Bill Burton" <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] <exec> with no-wait or detach
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 09:38:40 GMT

I've been working on some enhancements to the ExecTask and Execute classes
so it's now possible to execute a process detached from Ant using the
<exec> task.  To support this behavior, I've added a waitFor attribute
which defaults to true for the existing behavior but when set to false,
starts the new process detached from Ant.  This part seems to be working
fine on NT and Solaris.

What I haven't implemented yet is output redirection.  As I see it, there
are two viable ways of handling output from the detached process:

1. Write to a file.  
   To handle this, I'm planning on making the output attribute of <exec>
pass through as a setting to Execute where it will run antRun -o
output-file ...  The same would apply for Windows antRun.bat.  
   This functionality is a requirement so output from commands can be
directed somewhere else than the bit bucket (especially on NT).

2. Start a new window in which the application runs.
   For this, I'm thinking about new scripts antWinRun/.bat which on
Windows runs "start" and on UNIX, runs xterm, dtterm, KDE konsole, etc.
configurable through an exported environment variable ANT_WINTYPE.  Ant
itself wouldn't know or care about this as it would be set before starting
Ant and passed through in the environment.
   However, it would be simpler from the Java side of things to enhance
the existing antRun scripts so a -w argument would indicate running in a
new window.
   To support this, the <exec> tag would need a new attribute "inwindow"
which would then be passed through to the Execute class indicating the
antWinRun or antRun -w script should be executed.
   Right now, I have this working in the sense that given the right
command for the OS you're on, you can run it in a new window.  I'd just
like to make it work cross platform in a fairly transparent manner.

I haven't yet looked at the <java> task to see what it will take to
implement at least #1 above but plan to if I have time.

So before I do much more, I'd like some feedback if this is something that
would be appropriate for 1.3.

Also, I'm not sure I like the attribute waitFor.  Detach or noWait sound
better to me.  There was some talk about getting multithreading support
implemented in 1.3.  If this were to happen, I'd want to use an attribute
name that wouldn't be confused with anything thread related.

Thanks for your input,
-Bill Burton

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