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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] compiling with jikes pedantic
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2001 05:02:26 GMT
At 01:18  25/2/01 +1100, Jeff Turner wrote:
>I recently tried to compile Ant from CVS, and got a whole bunch of
warnings. Turns out I had pedantic mode on in my ~/ file[1].

Yep ;) Though I would love to make Ant more conformant with JLS I believe
there is several broken 1.1 compilers out there that we have to support ;( 

For Ant2.0 where it will be Java1.2+ specific we can remove the suport for
these compilers. 

However if people were willing to allow Ant1.x usable by 1.1 but only
compilable by 1.2+ then that could be an option ? (ie my preferred option)

>b) Declare that pedantic mode is not to be used in Ant, and prevent people
like me gettings warnings by modifying build.xml thusly:

alternatively you could place "build.compiler.pedantic=false" in the
per-project properties file - this is what I do ;) So drop a into jakarta-ant directory that has that in it and you
should be fine.



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