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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Antidote, Beanshell & Jesktop
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2001 23:36:28 GMT
I am interested in invoking Ant commands direct from a command line.  I am part of a team
developing an open source desktop os-like layer called Jesktop (that depends on Avalon). 
I have
already ported Beanshell and it is very cool ( I have
spent the last hour playing with antidote - very nice.

I have a feeling that getting Ant commands or build files to run in the same way is a long
off.  I say this because I understand that:

* Ant still slurps from, thus multiple shells in the same VM will not be easy.
* Any uses Runtime.exec() to invoke JVM tasks (why doesn't Sun give tools.jar first class
from Java ?)
* Antidote is a GUI app for executing targets within a chosen build file - not about typing
<copy>... at a command prompt and executinging such commands dynamically.

Does anyone like what they see in Jesktop?  Intersted in helping Ant move in a compatible

Please feel free to download Jesktop (, or to look at the Beanshell
( to see what's possible in Java.


- Paul H

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