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From David Jencks <>
Subject re [Bug 273]-added functionality for SqlExec
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 14:44:07 GMT
(this feature request is to provide a way to get strings with the delimiter
; to the database)

I have developed an optional task that provides a  different solution to
this problem, namely I put each sql statement in its own XML element.  This
works great with firebird/ interbase.  It also lets you use elements whose
function is to call DatabaseMetaData methods.  It also lets you use
elements containing PreparedStatements (parameterized queries) and
CallableStatements (stored procedures)

So far, I have implemented:

statements (unparameterized queries) (and DDL, solves problem with
DatabaseMetaData calls returning result sets

All result sets output in XML format
A diff between current XML output and a reference XML document

Not yet implemented:
parameterized queries/stored procedure calls
a way of feeding XML output from resultSet back into parameterized query.

I'd like to contribute this task if it is wanted.  I was planning to wait
till I had at least implemented the parameterized queries, however I would
be happy to contribute it now or send a copy to anyone interested.

David Jencks

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