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From Granzer Andreas ARC <>
Subject Precompiler Task
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2001 17:19:44 GMT
 <<>>  <<>>  <<>>

Hi all!

I'm new at this list and want to thank all developers for this great tool.

I wrote a new task for ant and would like to make it available to others that might have a
use for it. 

I took the JavaPreprocessor from the JBoss Project and built a Preprocess Task around it.
The Task searches a directory structure for files with a specified extension and preprocesses
them to
a new file with another specified extension.

The preprocessor supports the full C/C++ preprocessor syntax.

So I can use some #define statements even for Java-development. I use it for turing some debug
and trace statments off when going to production.

But I mostly use it for genareting the bunch of static html files
forming my personal webpage. With #include I can ease the coding of headers occuring on every
Even #defines and #ifdef's are useful for configuring menus occuring on every html page.

Hope you can use it too.


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