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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject Re: Reserved XML tags?
Date Sat, 10 Feb 2001 13:00:08 GMT
From: "Simeon H.K. Fitch" <>
> One thing I'm not clear about (due to my weak XML knowledge). If, for
> of argument, the build file was parsed *with* a DTD. Is it actually
> to define a DTD, without namespaces, that allows the same element name to
> have two different contexts?

Sort of. An element can appear in two different contexts, but it is the
same type of thing in those two contexts. For example in an EJB deployment
descriptor the <ejb-home> element can occur in two different contexts. This
was actually the source of a bug in ejbjar for a while. What the context
cannot changeis the element's "XML behaviour". By XML behaviour, I mean the
attributes and subelements it can contain.. Another example is the
<property> tag. It can occur in a project or a target. In those two
contexts it behaves the same at an XML level, even if it behaves
differently at an Ant level.

If someone used <project> as a nested element, then it would be legal,
according to the DTD, for that element to take a "default" attribute and
for it to contain a <target> element.

> If the answer is no, then I would recommend
> that we at least keep the door open to DTD use in Ant, even though it is
> a requrement. Perhaps some day DTD use will be included by having DTD
> snippets included at parse time based on the loaded tasks...

I think <antstructure> is the only way to go here and perhaps it could warn
us when it encounters elements which conflict. That was we could at least
keep the Ant distribution XML legal.

What all this means for Antidote is that it must take context into account,
IMHO, since we cannot guarantee that someone's custom task will not break
the rules.

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