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From "Julian M. Savage" <>
Subject [patch] absolute/relative paths
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2001 02:57:47 GMT

I'm sort of surprised nobody has mentioned having this problem before...

I want to substitute a class path from my build file into configuration files for my application.
However, the way that Ant works right now, it converts paths to canonical paths, which causes
a problem for me because I use symbolic links under unix (solaris) which I don't want resolved
to their canonical form because the canonical path won't necessarily match what is on all
the machines the application will be deployed on, but the absolute path will.

This patch solves my problem; if you set a property "ant.project.useabsolute" then Project.resolveFile()
will use getAbsolutePath() rather than getCanonical().

It has patches to the and file.


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