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From "Christoph Wilhelms" <>
Subject RE: Documentation nit: "IDE Integrations"
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 16:59:23 GMT

Being a co-inventor of VAJ ToolIntegration, her are my 3-4 cents ;-):

>Just noticing that the "IDE Integrations" section of the manual lists
>only VisualAge, which makes sense in that it is the only one which ships
>integration code as part of Ant itself. But it is not the only
>integration, as is mentioned on:
>which lists also NetBeans and JBuilder. So maybe the manual should note
>that there are other non-bundled ones and point to this page. (Are there
>none for Kawa, VCafe, etc.?) And perhaps Antidote should be mentioned in
>the same places, even though it's not an IDE?

IMHO Antidote is the (I)DE for AntBuildFiles. Even Antidote itself can be
integrated into other IDEs. Wolf and I plan to integrate it (optionally)
into our integration ;-) once it's ready, for it is a nice option to build
buildfiles :-))).

Furthermore my opinion IS to notice the other IDE integrations in the docs.
I think it would be nice the integrations ecome part of Ant in a seperate
parallel to Antidote, what do you think? - BTW: Netbeans integration is part
netbeans and it should stay there, but I don't think Borland will include
Dieters ide integration into JBuilder, right ;-).

Oh, and If there is an integration into VCafe: PLEASE submit it - or I have
write my own one ;-).


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