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From "Christoph Wilhelms" <>
Subject RE: Order of Depends
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 12:25:02 GMT
Hi Pete!

> >Agreed, but am I right when I say, that, even in future, the target
> >threads will be STARTED in the order specified in the depend-
> >parameter. 
> not necessarily - they start in whatever order seems fun for the
> implementor - perhaps even random so that bad build files fail fast ;)

What implementor do you mean? Somebody (=some code ;-) has to parse the
depends-property and initiate the targets and the tasks in the targets to
be started and IMHO this SHOULD have a given order! You can't start
multiple tasks REALLY at the same time (unles you have a multi-processor
machine ;-)). Why start randomly by default?

However, we can talk about sense and nonsense of it longer, but for single
thread build I'd expect that depends will work in the given order - even
in future (2.0). It's a fairly good feature, even if it's not specified!
Why get rid of it...?!?

> usually I get this by
> > ant[.bat] buildall cleanall
> which will execiute target "buildall" and then "cleanall"

I am a lazy GUI user and I may want to start my targets "like I want".
You are right when you say that ANT(.BAT) with parameters does it
simlilaer :-)


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