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From "Christoph Wilhelms" <>
Subject AW: New manual organization - printing is sometimes useful
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 17:46:09 GMT
Hi Ken

>I would agree with this.  I really don't like reading long documents
>on a computer screen.  Electronic versions are pretty useful for

I do not agree! In Conors version it is no "large document" anymore, but
many small-ones and thats the point: Why do I want to have everything in one
pice, just for printing? When you read a book, you can only read ONE page at
a time ;-)!

For printable reason someone could write a script putting all the small
.html's together into one big document. This could be the base for a (book)
printable version.

If we really want to "search" in Conor's version, we need a search-engine,
but I dont't think there is need for it, for the navigation is really
inutitive: You get an overview of all, build-in tasks and optional tasks and
THIS is what we need and the old version had a lack of!

I think an effective online-manual is more important by now - even if a
printable version would be nice - but just nice and an addition.

>While we're on the topic of printing - it would be nice if in the
>future there was a printable quick reference card available for
>Ant.  I've opened the documentation innumerable times just to look
>up a single attribute name.

In fact THIS would be really nice - if someone wnats to do AND support it!


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