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From "Christoph Wilhelms" <>
Subject RE: Order of Depends
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 09:43:38 GMT
Hi again!

Peter Donald:
> At 07:43  21/2/01 +0100, Christoph Wilhelms wrote:
> >Am I missing something? I always thought the depending 
> targets will be
> >executed in the order they have been entered like:
> they will be in the current implementation (and all the 
> proposals) but this
> is not necessarily so by design. Especially when start allowing
> multi-threading. Depends are meant to list all dependencies and thus
> logically are unordered data type ;)

Agreed, but am I right when I say, that, even in future, the target
threads will be STARTED in the order specified in the depend-
parameter. This does NOT imply that the first target IS FINISHED 
before the second starts. I think it makes sense to be able to
specify this, and I really propose to include this in the AntSpec!

Any suggestions?

Tim's workaround will always work, but it's really just a "workaround"
because sometimes I do not want dependency-chains! Look at this one:


I do not want <compile> to depend on <cleanclassesdir> but when I 
execute <buildall> then first <cleanclassesdir> and then <compile>
shlould be executed! In that case multithreading wouldn't make
sense, too ;-). REMEBER: you can execute single targets, wich aren't
the default target! In GUI-context like Antidote or the 
VAJIntegration this is the normal use case!


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