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From "Christoph Wilhelms" <>
Subject Reserved words of XML-Tags in AntBuildFiles
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2001 10:30:31 GMT

First I have a general question:

Are XML-Tags like <project> and <target> reserved words, or may a property
have the name "project"?

A fact is:
Glen and Wolf build the VAJLoad task, wich has, at the moment, a property
called "project", meaning the VAJinternal projects!
Here is an XML-Snipped:

=================================================================== -->
  <!-- Load Projects into
=================================================================== -->
  <target name="load" description="load project versions into workspace">
      <project name="GUI Framework*"          version="1.1"/>
      <project name="Persistance Framework*"  version="1.2"/>
      <project name="Utilities*"              version="2.5"/>

Ant itself has no problems with this, but Antidote interpretes these
projects as AntProjects and inserts a new project node for each of these
properties, because the Antidote-parster isn't context sensitive (a project
IS a project ;-))! I've asked Simeon if Wolf should rename his property to
"vajproject" or Antidote should implement contextsensitivity and he told me
to ask the comunity! This is what I do now ;-).


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