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From "Christoph Wilhelms" <>
Subject AW: Reserved XML tags?
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2001 14:14:38 GMT
My 2 cents, for I have started the discussion ;-):

>> 1. disallow such arrangements in the ant-dev maintained tasks
>> 2. disallow any-one implementing tasks this way (via magic element
>> names and/or exception throwing)
>> Personally I am +1 on first and -1 on second.
>I agree, mainly because I think it is impossible to enforce the
>second. You know I've been preaching DTD usage - but I know it's a war
>that has been lost before I could start it.

I agree, too, and I hope everyone will agree, because I dont want to 
update several build.xml's ;-).

I promise to help Simeon with the contextsensitivity of Antidote :-))!


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