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From "Christoph Wilhelms" <>
Subject RE: New manual organization
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 14:02:07 GMT
I LOVE that approch :-))))!

It seems pretty complete to me - BTW: Will Antidote be part of 1.3? It's
quite usable, and I like it a lot, but there is still a lot to do until a
release candidate, IMHO. If we include Antidote, we should link the

Do we need a "no-frames" version? I think everyone has a browser, wich is
capable of frames, right?

I am no commiter but my 0.02&: +1 ;-) Great work!

Additionally: Can we exploit the "Dean's Icons" (like in Antidote) for
navigation-purpose, mainly in the left frame (home, next, back, etc.)?


>Ah, not too bad, but definitely harder than writing code :-)
>I have now updated the whole manual using the framed approach. Try it out
>All of the links between pages are now working.
>If nobody has a major problem, I'll commit this into the 1.3 branch as the
>release documentation. I'll pick up Glenn's latest changes then.

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