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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: JLink vs. Jar
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2001 11:03:54 GMT
Alex Rosen <> wrote:

> On a separate topic, regardless of the <jarfilter> functionality, we
> need to decide if the <zip> task should use <prefixedfilesets> or
> just <filesets>.  Allowing both, as we currently do, is not a great
> idea, as we talked about a few weeks ago.

I agree to the "as we currently do" part. I'd prefer

addPrefixedfileset(PrefixedFileSet) and addFileset(FileSet) to remove
the confusion. Switching to PrefixedFileSet exclusively is something
you cannot do (at least not for Ant 1.x) as it would break tons of

>> We should not exclude META-INF files altogether.

Actually I talked to Patrick and Matthew about these issues back in
October. We agreed (IIRC) that the user should explicitely state which
MANIFEST.MF to use, to not merge in signatures at all and to allow for
all other content in META-INF (unless it was a duplicate which would
always be an error).

All that was missing was somebody who had the time to implement it.


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