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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Additions changes to the taskdefs.
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2001 08:38:07 GMT
Hi Martin,

Martin van den Bemt <> wrote:

> I couldn't compile the latest ant sources, starting at the point
> when the build shell scripts were saying "File not found" before
> doing anything (ran across this once and solved it by redoing the
> bash file again)

What do you mean by "redoing the bash file"?

bootstrapping the latest sources works for me on Linux. Does have the execute permissions set?

>>- You put in chmod , but not chown, chgrp. I added those two and
>>added an extra Chrights, with everything in it. Just works for Unix

> I wanted to implement them in the latest version you had online, but
> see above. I can implement it in the "official" source release of
> 1.2 if that's sufficient. 

No, please send patches against latest CVS versions whenever possible.

> btw Do I just e-mail you the sources or is there a public cvs add /
> commit possibility?

Please see <>. Send
your patches (and new files) here.

> Should I also make an effort to get this running under windows NT?

<chmod> checks to make sure it is running on a Unix (like)
system. I think for a starter your tasks should do the same. 

On the other hand there have been a lot of people complaining that
<chmod> wouldn't do anything on Windows - if you know how to achieve
the same functionality on Windows (I wouldn't know, but I claim to not
know Windows frequently) adding this support would be much appreciated
of course.


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