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Subject RE: [Xalan2J] Using new Xalan2-TRaX interfaces for - Xalan pointers
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 22:17:02 GMT
Xalan - the magic of one source tree, two (well, three really) projects!

xml-xalan\build.xml - build file, and root, of Xalan-J 1.x tree
    xml-xalan\src - sources for Xalan-J 1.x
Xalan-J 1.x does not currently support TRAX or the javax.xml.transform part
of JAXP 1.1

xml-xalan\java\build.xml - build file, and root, of Xalan-J 2.x tree
    xml-xalan\java\src - sources for Xalan-J 2.x
Xalan-J 2.x currently has a local checked in copy of the
javax.xml.transform sources from of JAXP 1.1 which is simply jarred into
the xalan.jar created from 'build jar'; it is *not* currently put into a
separate jar by the current build script.  We should have the same or very
similar classes to Sun's official JAXP release.

xml-xalan\c - root of Xalan-C 1.x tree
  (Oh, wait, that's not pertinent here  8-)

xml-xalan\test - root of Xalan-J 1.x/2.x test code tree

It would be great to have both kinds of <style> liaisons for Xalan 1.x and
2.x projects! Thanks!

- Shane

---- "Conor MacNeill" <> wrote: ----
> > They are put in a jar if you build Xalan2.  Xalan2 is in the java
> > subdirectory.
> >
> OK, I don't play with xalan much, but I couldn't see anything to do with
> Xalan2 there. How do I build that? Just curious.

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