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From "Martin van den Bemt" <>
Subject RE: Additions changes to the taskdefs.
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2001 08:21:13 GMT

I'm pretty much a "self" made programmer (my high school diploma says :
bookkeeper) and because of that I didn't develop any of my own "programming
rules" (ehh it has to work is the one rule I have ...). And by being a
"self" made programmer, I had to use of other peoples code to get things
working... and I learned to adjust my programming to the code I'm working
on. I think for projects like apache, jakarta and so on it's best to adjust
to the code already there (ehhh if any..) and for new stuff I use sun's way
(or a little bit my own way...).

At 08:45  2/1/01 +0100, Martin van den Bemt wrote:
>I'm pretty new to this (let's say "funky") open source stuff..

>> welcome

thanx.. I completely rely on you guys (use almost everthing from,
if I got it running that is..)

>I'm now using Ant for whatever I can think of (even copying files ;-))..
>I ran across a couple of problems :

>> me too ;)

I couldn't compile the latest ant sources, starting at the point when the
build shell scripts were saying "File not found" before doing anything (ran
across this once and solved it by redoing the bash file again) If you have
any ideas, please let me know.. (just been using linux for a year now, so
this could be a "beginners question". btw I did a cvs checkout to get the
latest sources, the latest tars seemed to be dissapeared from the download

>- You put in chmod , but not chown, chgrp. I added those two and added an
>extra Chrights, with everything in it. Just works for Unix btw...

>> send em in if you want - Someone will eventually get around to adding
>> - I have never had a use for chown or chgrp because usually I don't run
>> scripts with said permissions but if you need/want it then .... ;)

I wanted to implement them in the latest version you had online, but see
above. I can implement it in the "official" source release of 1.2 if that's
sufficient. Please let me know. btw Do I just e-mail you the sources or is
there a public cvs add / commit possibility? Should I also make an effort to
get this running under windows NT? (gone back from 4 to 1 nt box now, so
hurry with this answer, before everything is linux ;)). Users probably need
a MS resourcekit command-line to change the rights, so it's not a "fail
safe" solutions I think..


Don't get yourself killed while typing..

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