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From "Martin van den Bemt" <>
Subject Additions changes to the taskdefs.
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 19:45:18 GMT

I'm pretty new to this (let's say "funky") open source stuff..
I'm now using Ant for whatever I can think of (even copying files ;-))..
I ran across a couple of problems :

- It throws an exception when the sourcedirectory is present.
  I added an Error attribute which you can set to Ignore and will ingore the
- You put in chmod , but not chown, chgrp. I added those two and added an
extra Chrights, with everything in it. Just works for Unix btw...

It's pretty simple stuff to make and there's probably a good reason not to
put it in. Please let me know if it's intersting enough to submit it in some
kind of way. (or just mail it so someone).

I'm not a member of the maillingst yet, because at this moment I'm not able
to handle more e-mail (ehhh busy times in the "internet era"). Please CC me
for now when it concerns this mail... (thanx..)

I use the jakarta stuff a lot, so I like to submit changes/addition to
sources I make. If there are resources needed in any specific area, let me

Now a coding question :

In some (didn't check them all btw). The init of an instance variable is
done with this.Blabla = "bla";
Only in the code this.Blabla is never used, only Blabla (it works I know..).
Is it just my horrible view on programming or it "nicer/neater" to use
this.Blabla anywhere to reference the instance variable?
(I'm using a lot of the same variable names (bad in thinking one up, and the
dummy1, dummy2 isn't very descriptive) and using the this. is pretty nice
Let me know what you're opinion about this is..

Martin van den Bemt (ehhhh please don't go to this site, it's horrible for you

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