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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: versions
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2001 23:03:50 GMT

It works like this

The committers, of whom I am but one, work directly in CVS. As people send
in patches and new code, we apply those to the current code which is stored
in the CVS repository. These are the source of the CVS commit messages you
are seeing. Every night (where night is defined by someone's particular
timezone and not mine), the latest code is fetched from CVS, is compiled,
and then placed on the jakarta website as a nightly build. After some random
time the committers decide that it would be nice to have a new release.
There is no formal process for this decision. It is just a collective
judgement call. The last release was 1.2.

To get the latest code you have two choices.

You can checkout all the code from CVS and build it yourself or you can just
download the latest nightly build. If you have used CVS before, there is
nothing particularly hard about the first approach. If you want to code in
ant and submit patches this is definitely the way to go. The second approach
is easier overall and is appropriate if you just want to use the latest ant.
If you see a feature you like it may take a day or two to appear in the
nightly build.

Access to CVS is described here

whilst the nightly builds are located here

The nightly builds for Ant is a service kindly provided by Sam Ruby. Due to
some recent hardware changes at Apache, the nightly builds are currently
unavailable but this should be rectified shortly.

Note that both the CVS code and the nightly builds are not to be considered
stable and may contain new features which have not been significantly


Conor MacNeill
Cortex eBusiness

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> From: steff [mailto:steff]On Behalf Of Stephane
> Sent: Friday, 5 January 2001 9:43
> To: ant-dev
> Subject: versions
> Hello all,
> it seems i am a little bit lost.
> Since i decided to subscribe to the ant mailing list,
> i received a few hundreds (thousands ? ) new patch that have been
> committed.
> But i never heard about any new version .
> (i got 1.2)
> Where can I get the most recent version of this smashing ant ?
> Steff
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