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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: New committer questions
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2001 06:49:29 GMT
on 1/10/01 10:43 PM, "Diane Holt" <> wrote:

> Yep -- got mail from Brian. Looks like I'll need to do some
> installing/configuring of things, though, before I can in fact "commit
> away!" :) And before I do all that, I have a couple of questions:
> - Is CVS smart about line-endings? If I work from my NT, is
> it going to add all those ugly ^M's? I can work from a Unix
> machine instead if that'd be better.

Nope. You need to be smart about line endings yourself. Work from whatever
is easiest for you. There are applications on both platforms that can do the
conversion. Personally, I work *daily* with CVS from the following systems:

MacOS 9
MacOS X Beta 2

> - Is setting up the SSH stuff easier to do for Unix or NT?

Unix, by far. All you need to do is set your




Then, just pretend that you aren't even using SSH. :-)

On Win, I use TeraTerm with the SSH stuff and then setup a tunnel. There are
directions on the jakarta site.

> - I have Cygwin on my NT that I currently use to pull Ant from CVS,
> but the committer info talks about WinCVS -- do I need that,
> or can I continue to use the CVS I have, if I do end up working
> from the NT?

That is like asking if you should use lynx or netscape. They are all just
CVS clients and will work just fine. Personally, I like WinCVS more than
command line CVS.



Honk if you love peace and quiet.

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