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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject [NOISE] XSLT (was: Re: The RIGHT Direction for ANT)
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2001 22:53:18 GMT
on 1/10/2001 2:07 PM, "Roger Vaughn" <> wrote:

> You're certainly entitled to your own opinion on XSLT.
> I really do have to wonder what you saw that turned
> you off so completely, though - in basic use it is
> *very* simple.

That is the basic use, it IS simple. But it is MUCH more
difficult as complexity increases. That is bad.

For example, solve this problem:

Create a .xsl style sheet that does XML->HTML transformations and properly
makes _relative_ links to images in a directory structure that is more than
one level deep in both HTML files as well as image files. Oh yea, and don't
make it super complicated or require hard coding of attributes in .xml
files. :-)

I have yet to get a solution to this one, yet it should be simple.



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