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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: CVS write access - Diane Holt
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2001 21:30:42 GMT
on 1/10/2001 12:13 PM, "Diane Holt" <> wrote:

> Gosh! -- I'm overwhelmed -- really. That's awfully generous of you, but...
> if I did have a vote, I'm afraid I'd have to vote -1 for me. There are
> lots of other people who've contributed far more than I have -- and who
> actually know what they're doing. :)  The handful of patches I've
> submitted have just been little bug-fixes/tweaks, certainly nothing major.
> And I always ask that someone double-check them to make sure they're
> actually right, since, honestly, truly, I don't know Java... I just try
> and figure out what needs doing as I go (picking&putting wherever I can :)
> If you wanted to give me write-access to the docs dir, though, I probably
> wouldn't fight you on that. :)
> Diane

It is kind of an all or nothing situation. Can't just give you access to a
certain directory.

Also, the beauty of CVS means that we get CVS commit messages in email that
are just as easy to review as the initial patches you send. The other beauty
of CVS is that it is an on going record of changes. Therefore it is easy to
back out or fix any mistakes.


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