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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: licence statement update
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2001 20:09:22 GMT
On 1/4/01 3:08 AM, "Conor MacNeill" <> wrote:

>> Damn. What else changed besides s/Ant/Tomcat/ ? -- that's a lot of data.
> Oh, I sneaked in a few controversial things :-)

He he.. :) I forgot the smily in my last message. It was intended as more
humorous than it came across. Sorry. But you responded just like I intended
to sound. :) With a smily.

> Actually it was JUST this change but there were something like 288 files
> affected (I did all the GUI files as well) and that generated a fairly big
> email message. I don't plan many more of these big hits :-) and now that I
> know about this limit, I'll probably commit in batches.

Yep. Breaking down large commits is a good thing. The real problem that was
run into here is that if one line changes in each file, the diff is
something like 10 lines long or more.

James Duncan Davidson                              
                                                                  !try; do()

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