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From Matthew Geis <>
Subject question about list usage
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2001 17:45:31 GMT
I may be touching a nerve here, but would it be too much to ask that posts
about how to use ANT be posted to the ant user list, and posts regarding
patches, bug fixes, features, etc. be posted to the ant developer list?
Hear me out on this one, please.

I seems that recently there are a lot of ant user questions being
cross-posted to the ant developer list.  I imagine this is to reach a wider
audience in hopes of obtaining a quick answer (a shotgun approach).
However, I notice a lot of posts to the ant user list from active
contributors on the developer list, which would lead me to think that a
large number of developers are subscribed to the user list as well.
Conversely, I don't see any posts with development-only content on the user

I'd like to propose an informal vote, kind of like voting for a source
committer.  This vote would really have no binding effect, obviously,
because anyone can post just about anything to this list.  However, it might
allow people on the development list to use their time a bit more
effectively, by reducing the need to wade through a bunch of non-topical

If you simply don't care, ignore this email.

If you agree that we're seeing too much usage-related posting to this list,
vote +1.  Keep in mind, that in order to make this work, we need to be
taking an active role answering people's questions on the ant user list, if
we don't want usage questions appearing on the developer list.

If you disagree with this suggestion, and feel that the developer list
should continue to be a place to post questions about how to use ant, vote

I hope nobody takes this the wrong way -- personally, I'm on both lists.
I've fixed bugs, and I've both asked and answered usage questions, so it's
not as if I'm just bitching about unwanted email.


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