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From Jim Driscoll <>
Subject Re: Text only list?
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2001 20:50:08 GMT
Jay Glanville wrote:
> My suggestion is that this would only be acceptable if the mailer damon
> first tried it's best to get the text portion before rejecting it, and then
> if it does reject it, that it notifies the author appropriately.
> For example, my mailer tries to send RTF with a plain text version in a
> multi-part e-mail.  If the mailer damon could recognize that one part of the
> e-mail was text and then posted that portion.

That's interesting - this mail arrived as plain text only.  (And I'd
argue that any mailer that automaticly doubled the size of all my emails
without allowing me to configure it otherwise was broken, and a
different one should be used.)


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