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From David Bailey <>
Subject "fail-fast" and missing .java files
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 19:17:27 GMT

Two issues which I addressed to ant-user and was instructed to redirect

1) I have set up a daisy chain of build.xml files in a directory tree.
For the purposes of build management, we want ant to do its best to
build everything in the directory and its subdirectories.  However, due
to the "fail-fast" feature of ant, ant will terminate a build upon
finding the first error.  While this is a feature from a developer's
point of view, it is a bug from a build manager's point of view, since a
build manager wants to know about ALL build errors, not just the first
one ant finds.  Thus, we would like to request the creation of a
'fail="no"' attribute or some such thing on the <ant> task, so that a
single error doesn't halt the entire build.

I realize that we could simply write a shell script to invoke each
build.xml file in sequence, but that's rather cumbersome and seems to
negate many of the advantages of ant.

2) I've noticed that if a build.xml file directs ant to compile a .java
source file which doesn't exist, ant does not complain and in fact
reports a successful build.  The practical consequence of this behavior
is that typos in the build.xml file and/or clobbered source files are
not discovered until runtime, and possibly in a confusing way.  It seems
to me that if you ask ant to compile something which doesn't exist, ant
should at least spit out a warning.

Thanks for your consideration.


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