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From "Anshuman Singh" <>
Subject problem in running ant
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 15:58:06 GMT
i have looked into the available documentation but i am still  not able
to figure out the problem please help.

i downloaded ANT and unzipped it in my "C" drive and tried to run ANT
using what ever the default properties were provide. i am running ant on
a windows 98 machine.

i stripped down the build.xml file so now all that it contains is

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!-- Ant own build
file                                                      -->

<project name="Ant" default="compile" basedir="..\">

  <!-- Give user a chance to override without editing this file
       (and without typing -D each time it compiles it) -->
  <property file="${user.home}/" />

  <property name="Name" value="Ant"/>
  <property name="name" value="ant"/>
  <property name="version" value="1.2"/>

  <property name="ant.home" value="."/>
  <property name="src.bin.dir" value="src/bin"/>
  <property name="src.etc.dir" value="src/etc"/>
  <property name="src.dir" value="src/main"/>
  <property name="src.tests.dir" value="src/testcases"/>
  <property name="docs.dir" value="docs"/>
  <property name="build.dir" value="../build/ant"/>
  <property name="lib.dir" value="${build.dir}/lib"/>
  <property name="bin.dir" value="${build.dir}/bin"/>
  <property name="build.classes" value="${build.dir}/classes"/>
  <property name="build.javadocs" value="${build.dir}/javadocs"/>
  <property name="build.tests" value="${build.dir}/testcases"/>
  <property name="ant.dist.dir" value="../dist/ant"/>

  <path id="classpath">
  <property name="packages" value="*"/>
  <property name="manifest" value="src/etc/manifest"/>

  <property name="build.compiler" value="classic"/>
  <property name="build.compiler.emacs" value="on"/>

=================================================================== -->
  <!-- Define a global set of patterns that can be referenced
by           -->
  <!-- its id
attribute                                                    -->
=================================================================== -->
  <patternset id="chmod.patterns">
    <include name="**/ant" />
    <include name="**/antRun" />
    <include name="**/" />

=================================================================== -->
  <!-- Check to see what optional dependencies are
available               -->
=================================================================== -->
  <target name="check_for_optional_packages">
    <available property="jdk1.2+" classname="java.lang.ThreadLocal" />
    <available property="jdk1.3+" classname="java.lang.StrictMath" />
    <available property="bsf.present" classname=""
    <available property="netrexx.present" classname="netrexx.lang.Rexx"
    <available property="xslp.present"
               classname="com.kvisco.xsl.XSLProcessor" />
    <available property="xalan.present"
               classname="org.apache.xalan.xslt.XSLTProcessorFactory" />

    <available property="ejb.ejbc.present" classname="weblogic.ejbc" />
    <available property="ejb.DDCreator.present"
classname="weblogic.ejb.utils.DDCreator" />
    <available property="ejb.wls.present" classname="weblogic.Server" />

    <available property="junit.present"
classname="junit.framework.TestCase" />
    <available property="ftp.present"
classname="" />
    <available property="starteam.present"
classname="com.starbase.util.Platform" />

=================================================================== -->
  <!-- Prepares the build
directory                                        -->
=================================================================== -->
  <target name="prepare">
    <mkdir dir="${build.dir}"/>


=================================================================== -->
  <!-- Compiles the source
code                                            -->
=================================================================== -->
  <target name="compile" depends="prepare">
    <mkdir dir="${build.classes}"/>

    <javac srcdir="${src.dir}"
           optimize="on" >
      <classpath refid="classpath" />




while i am running ant with this build file i get

Build sequence for target `compile' is [prepare, compile]
Complete build sequence is [prepare, compile,



Total time: 0 seconds

please let me know where the problem could be ..


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