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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: The RIGHT Direction for ANT (was Re: Problem using script task)
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2001 02:17:43 GMT
At 04:10  9/1/01 -0800, Jerry Huth wrote:
>You can think of it as "smart templating": using a program rather than
>static templates so that the generated build scripts can be extremely
>complex (i.e. feature-rich) with a Constant time programming effort.

When I think smart-templates I think XSLT + some XSLT extentions. Would
that satisfy you needs ? XSLT could do all the static structural templating
and the XSLT extentions could be used to "insert" context information into
XSLT process like a list of files in current directory.

>Of course it depends which "real world" you're in.  The simple fact of
>the matter is that companies with very large software projects
>(millions or tens of millions of LOC's or more) simply do not use ANT
>or MAKE directly.  They use generator programs such as I described.

even medium sized projects don't use MAKE directly. Hell - even small
projects tend to generate (or hand craft build files to template) nowadays
I have found.



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