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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Setting classpath
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 13:18:35 GMT
At 03:15  31/12/00 -0800, James Duncan Davidson wrote:
>(moved to -dev as this is more a futures "dev" discussion in this follow-up)
>On 12/29/00 3:05 AM, "Peter Donald" <> wrote:
>> Hopefully in Ant2.0 you will be able to add the attribute
>> ant:classpath="..." and it will automagically run it via a new classloader.
>> It is something I would find extremely useful thou it is still up to
>> discussion thou ...
>> Cheers,
>Actually, all tasks should run in a classloader. My gut feeling right now is
>that they should get the system classpath (what was there before Ant ran) +
>the classpath needed to load the task (usually a .jar). This does assume
>that Ant takes care of all of it's dependencies via it's own custom class
>loader which allows the user to leave their classpath as free or ugly as
>they like it.
>The only thing more needed is additional classpath info which would be
>appended to the system classpath in the task's classloader.
>Note that I'm *not* for ignoring the system classloader space. Whatever
>users put into their $CLASSPATH env var or is in their /lib/ext, they should
>be able to live with. However, I completely buy into the notion that users
>shouldn't have things go freaky because Ant itself is relying on a xml
>parsing library or such.

Agreed - what do you think of a hierarchy of classloaders such that

system <-- client task api (CTA)     <-- Task Archive + dependencies

so for CTA we would have the task interface/classes + support classes (like
pattern/patterset, fileset, mappers etc). Each .tsk jar would have a
separate classloader that loads task + dependent jars. SO if we have
foo.tsk that has tasks that rely on bar.jar then we add the line
"ClassLoader: bar.jar" to the manifest of foo.tsk and the classloader takes
care of it.

We would also have the hierarchy

system <-- client task api (CTA)     <-- Ant Runtime engine

where the runtime engine included the execution engine + any other relevent
files that are not included in CTA.

Like/Dislike ?



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