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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: Did somebody say Shut up and Write? :)
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2000 13:05:42 GMT
At 01:10  27/12/00 -0800, Peter Vogel wrote:
>To draw from a tool that I think deserves to have some ideas
>stolen and incorporated into ant, the mergeing of targets from
>multiple project files is handled by CONS in the following 

you like that tool don't you ;)

>At the top level, there is a "Construct" file.  Invocation
>of "cons" in a subdirectory will lead to an upward search
>for a file named "Construct".  Subdirectories/subprojects
>anywhere contain a "Conscript" file.  This is by convention,
>a Construct and a Conscript file are the same, with the 
>exception that the initial invocation of "cons" looks for 
>Construct, and the Construct file gets command line args passed
>to it.  However, once cons has started, a Construct and a Conscript
>file are equivalent.

I agreee with it all in theory but it doesn't need to go into core. You can
simply agree on a convention and apply it throughout all projects. The
top-level "Construct"/Workspace just sets relevent properties (ie
dist.base="/my/local/hd/dist" build.base="/my/local/hd/build" etc) and run
as normal. There doesn't need to be extra support for a special property
aggregating project file. We will need to deal with scoping but we are
going to have to deal with that anyway ;)



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